Our Caller

    Caller couple, Darrell and Erin Kalmbach

Darrell Kalmbach has been calling square dances since 1970. He was part of the Tandem Teens, an exhibition group, for 3 years and danced all over the state of Oregon. 
He began his calling career with the Nobel Eights, a teen club. He has called for many clubs including Hillsboro Hoedowns, Barn Owls, and Silver Stars.

Since his retirement he has taken on Eager Beavers (2nd & 4th Mondays), Promanaders Plus (1st, 3rd, & 5th Thursdays), Diamond Cutters (every Monday), and recently River City Dancers (2nd & 3rd Sat.)  

He guest calls in Central Oregon 3-5 times a year, as well as Vancouver, WA and other parts of Oregon. 

Currently, Darrell and Erin (wife) are on the square dance program committee for Mid-Winter festival. Darrell also belongs to Caller Lab.