Square Dance and Round Dance Lessons

Square Dance Lessons Graduation on December 18th!

Congratulations Students!

Join us 5:30-7:00 PM

INQUIRE ABOUT LESSONS by completing our online form.

A member of our dance committee will contact you. You may also contact us via email: RCDpresident@gmail.com

Milwaukie Community Center

10666 SE 42nd Avenue

Milwaukie, OR 97222


Forget your preconceptions; this is a whole new generation of dancing! Today's dancing is done to modern music ranging from rock, hip-hop, disco, gospel, country, and bluegrass!

  • Drop in within the first couple weeks to check it out.

  • No prior dancing ability needed!

  • Dance attire not required; street clothes welcome.

  • Learning the basic steps is as easy as walking.

  • Lessons employ repetition to solidify the steps; all you do is follow along step-by-step!

  • Broaden your social life.

  • Singles and couples welcome in this multi-generational activity. If you're single, we'll make sure you have someone to dance with as you learn!

  • Dancing and thinking set to music; moving in rhythm keeps you physically and mentally fit.

  • Dancing helps builds endurance, coordination, balance, listening skills and cognitive function, while aiding cardiac function!

  • It's a great way to get in some aerobic, weight-bearing, calorie-burning exercise while having fun.

  • Dancers walk up to five miles a night, burning up to 400 calories every 1/2 hour!

  • Learn here; dance anywhere.

  • 18 different countries have dance clubs from the Far East to Europe -- all calling and cuing in English!

  • Join together with new friends in a clean, safe entertainment.

  • Our venue offers a healthy, non-smoking, non-drinking environment.

  • Best of all dancing is 'Friendship set to music.'

  • At just $6 per person per lesson it's the best kept secret in town -- the most fun for the least dollar... anywhere!

It's time you opened the door and let all the great benefits enhance your life.

New students may join during the first two lessons. Inquire today!

Testimonials from our dancers:

"Easy choreography, I like dancing with lots of fun people"

"The club members become like family. It is a great family activity of all ages. It's fun and great exercise. Good music and great callers that help you when you miss a step. We've danced 31 years."

"No matter where you go in the world you can always square dance (it is always in English).

"We have made life long friends of all ages."

"It is a inexpensive evening of entertainment that has benefit of both health and mind."

"You always know it will be clean, safe, fun where you will smile and laugh, with people from all walks of life."

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